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Share Value of Landing International Development Drops 50%

August 27, 2018 August 27, 2018 Claire Aleman

There are of course many unique and different reasons as to why the share values of any company can and will drop; however news is just reaching me that Landing International Development shares have plummeted by 50% of their value due to a very unusual reason.

That reason appears to be the fact that the Chairman of that company, that amongst other things owns one of the largest casinos in South Korea has gone missing. That Chairman is no other that Yang Zhihui and he hasn’t been seen since Thursday, which is causing serious concern not only for his family, friends and the company itself, but share holders too.

Landing International Development has made a filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in which they state they are doing everything in their power to try and make contact with their Chairman, however so far all attempts have failed.

Whilst the Board of the company believe that a short term disappearance of their Chairman will not have any negative effect on the business, however the very fact that he has gone missing has certainly spooked investors, traders and share holders in that company.

Recent Business Problem with Landing International

Many investors are worried that there could be a sinister explanation regarding Yang Zhihui going missing for the value of the company has been dropping recently due to a problem with a casino the company had planned to build in the Philippines.

The company had broken ground on a brand new land based casino there, only to find, minutes after they had broke ground on the land the casino resort was to be built on the Philippines President had decided to revoke their lease on that site.

Suicide, Murder or Kidnap?

Whenever there is a situation like a Chairman or one of the key employees of a business suddenly goes missing, the rumour mill starts in earnest, and that is exactly what is happening.

There are some people who are speculating Yang Zhihui could have been kidnapped, murdered or that he has even committed suicide, but there is always the chance that he has simply been overwhelmed and has taken some time out. But whatever the reason let’s hope he is found alive and well, and there is an innocent reason for his disappearance!

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