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Forex Brokers Facing Tougher Advertising Regulation

December 31, 2017 August 2, 2018 Christopher Andrews

The days of the online Forex trading environment being like the Wild West are now long gone, and as such with must stricter regulation of such Brokers you are not going to experience any of the problems that some traders did face many years ago.

One aspect of online and mobile Forex Brokers that has come under the spotlight and is now subject to close scrutiny these days is the way that such sites and apps are advertised.

As part of the licensing procedures and requirements for such sites any Forex Broker must advertise their services in line with regulators rules, and as such you are not going to see any outlandish claims when you see a Forex Brokers being advertised anywhere.

Potential traders of any advertised Forex Brokers need to understand the risk of Forex trading which must be explained somewhere on any advertisement and any form of bonuses or promotional offers must also be explained in detail on their advertisements too.

As such if you are thinking of signing up to any Forex Brokers and you wish to trade currency pairings at those Brokers you will also find details of their promotional offers and the risks associated with trading currencies on the websites of each Broker, so do familiarise yourself with those sections of their sites.

You can always open a demo trading account which is a great way to get to grips with Forex trading for the very first time but in a no risk type of way, which is what many first time Forex traders will do.

Trading Forex for the Very First Time

If you are interested in opening up a demo trading account to get a feel for Forex Trading to see if it is a trading environment you are going to find easy to utilize and is something you are going to enjoy doing then many Forex Brokers will offer you access to a demo trading account.

Keep in mind though that some of them will offer you an unlimited supply of demo trading credits and as such when utilizing such a Broker you are then going to be able to place as many demo trades as you want.

However, there are some Forex Brokers that will limit you in regards to how many demo trading credits you can use, so keep that in mind as you will not be able to continue trading at no risk once your demo credits run out as such a site.

One thing I should point out is that when you are using a demo trading account, whilst you are not going to put at of your own money at risk and will only be paid out in demo credits if you do place any winning trades, you will still be placing your trades on real life currency pairings.

As such even though you are trading for free you will still get to experience the real life trading environment, and as such will certainly get a true feel for the ay Forex trading works and operates and can then accurately judge for yourself if t is something you are prepared to do for real money when you are good and ready to.

Understanding Trader Bonuses and Promotions

It is important that any first time and inexperienced Forex trader does understand fully all that is required of them if and when they make use of any Broker trading offers and promotions, for each of them do come with different rules.

If you are considering making use of any offer you have seen advertised then at all times you should read through the terms and conditions associated with any offer or bonus as that way you will then discover just how you will be permitted to use your bonus trading funds.

Things to pay very careful attention to re just what volume of trades you are going to have to place with any awarded bonus credits before they get turned into real money credits, for often there will be a requirement for you to place a huge volumes of trades.

It will of course always be the offers and bonuses that only require you to place a small volume of trades before you can then cash out any profits you have made that are going to be the best valued ones to claim.

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