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US Economic Events for the 22nd of August

August 22, 2018 August 22, 2018 David Nugent

The US Dollar has been gaining value recently, and that is something that many traders are hoping is going to continue and many of them are basing their upcoming trades on the Dollar in the hope that is will continue its upward curve against all other major currencies.

Today however, is the day in which two very vital pieces of information are revealed officially in the US, and they are the Existing Home Sales data which all being well will be released at 15:00 this afternoon, and then a little later in the evening at 19:00 the FOMC Meeting Minutes will also be made public.

But it is true to say that neither of those market events are going to have any real affect of the value of the US Dollar, and as such it will be several other factors that could cause that currency to swing in one direction of another today.

As it will not have escaped your notice that there has been something of a scandal surrounding President Trump today as reported by all news and media outlets, however being the type of person he is I doubt that is going to have any type of negative effect on the value of the USD!

Today’s Interim Results

If you are a binary options trader as opposed to a Forex trader, then there are a handful of companies that are going to be revealing their interim results later in the day, and those results are going to have an effect on the values of their respective stocks and shares.

Those companies and their ticker symbols are for reference Avast Plc [AVST], Foresight Solar Fund Ltd [FSFL], Headlam Group PLC [HEAD], Hansteen Holdings PLC [HSTN] and also Spartech PLC [SPO].

Today’s AGM’s and EGM’s

Savvy traders are also going to be very eager to keep track of all daily AGM’s and EGM’s and there could always be something revealed in them that could drive up for force down the value of stocks and shares during the course of the day.

With that in mind allow me to enlighten you on which AGM’s and EGM’s are going to be held today and which ones are going to be worth checking out and keeping an eye on, and they include APQ Global Ltd [APQ], Bank Of Cyprus Holdings [BOCH], Paragon Entertainment [PEL] and also Puma VCT10 Plc [PUMX].

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