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Service Companies Doing Regulators Jobs!

August 9, 2018 August 10, 2018 Danielle Green

One of the problems that any government agency is faced with, in regards to regulating and overseeing the into coin offering or ICO environment as it is also known, is that it is impossible to do, for anybody can quite anonymously start up their own company and launch their own cryptocurrency too.

In fact, over the last few years there has been numerous initial coin offerings launched which sadly were nothing more than out and out rip offs and scams, which as in turn led to a very large number of people being ripped off by them.

However, as it does appear and does seem impossible for regulators to in any way shape or form stop initial coin offerings from being launched, and is impossible for them in any way shape or form oversee and regulate them, there are in fact several service companies that are filling in that need.

I have come across several companies that are launched, quite ironically via initial coin offering that are going to be offering investors a service whereby those newly launched service companies are going to vet all new start up companies, established companies along with any other business that is seeking investment via an initial coin offering.

Automated Due Diligence

By being in a position where any investor is able to perform, for want of a better term automated due diligence for example, they are able to sit back and have the people behind any initial coin offering and the company assisted with it checked it without spend ages ding their due diligence.

Due diligence is all part and parcel of being an investor of course, so whether people are going to be interested in a third party company doing it for them does remain to be seen.

Insurance Options

I have also seen a couple of those companies that are going to completely vet and do due diligence on companies and people involved in an initial coin offering making available insurance to those investors using their services.

As such that could be an option for investors, for having he peace of mind of knowing you are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy if things do go wrong when investing in any initial coin offering will ensure that they are not going to lose out any of their invested funds of course.

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