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New Trader Demo Accounts Available

December 31, 2017 August 2, 2018 James Anderson

If you have been tempted to join the many millions of people the world over who do dabble in trading Forex online or via a mobile device, but have been put off doing so a you are not completely confident about how you go about doing so, there is an option you can take.

That is by you simply opening up something known as a demo trading account. Most Forex Brokers offering either or both an online and/or mobile trading platform is going to allow their newly signed up clients to make use of a demo trading account.

When you make use of a demo trading account you will be able to place trades on any of the available currency pairing options available to you at the site you are using, but by doing so you will only be using free demo credits.

As such you will be placing your trades in a real life trading environment but will never be putting any of your own real money funds at risk when you do so.

By making use of a range of different demo trading accounts from various different Forex Brokers you are then going to be able to judge for yourself which trading platform you much prefer using, and can very quickly get to grips with placing any type of Forex related trades too, so do consider doing just that for it is the best way you can decide for yourself if Forex trading is something you will enjoy doing.

New Traders Qualify for Bonuses

One thing that you may be blissfully unaware of if you have yet to open up a Forex trading account,   is that you are going to instantly qualify for a range of special trader bonuses when you do switch over from using a demo trading account and/or make an initial real money deposit into your newly opened real money trading account.

There is however a huge array of different types of trader bonuses that can be showered upon you as a special incentive to get you to join up to a Forex Broker, and as such you will need to spend a little bit of time comparing what a range of different Brokers will be offering you.

I would however urge you to consider making use of one of the many bonus offers that are going to see the Broker matching your initial deposit, for if you do find a Broker offering you at the very least a 100% deposit match bonus that will allow you to double the value of your very first deposit into your trading account.

The only word of warning I would pass onto you in regards to claiming Forex Broker bonuses of any type, is that they will all come with their own unique set of terms and conditions which you are going to have to read through in full to find out how your bonus trading credits can be used.

But make no mistake about it there really are some very generous bonuses available to any new clients of any Forex Brokers.

Set Yourself Some Trading Limits

As soon as you do discover the huge money making potential of trading Forex and you set about opening up for yourself a real money Forex Brokers trading account the world is your oyster in regards to the range and types of currencies pairings and other Forex related trades you are going to be able to place.

However, as someone who is relatively new to the world of Forex trading you do need to keep a very level head and always ensure that you only place trades that you can afford to place, as not all of them are going to be inning and profitable ones.

With that in mind I would always urge anyone who is about to start Forex trading for the very first time to set aside their own trading budget and make sure you can afford to lose that budget if things don’t go as planned.

You will also find lots of different Forex Brokers now allow their customers to set their own daily, weekly or even monthly deposit limits too, so do consider putting into place some maximum deposit limit settings on your account.

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James Anderson is tasked with testing out and then reviewing all new Forex Broking sites and apps that go live and launch, and as such do keep your eyes on his regular reviews and updates if you are looking or somewhere new to trade currencies online.

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