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New Forex Trader Deposit Match Bonuses Offer Real Value

December 31, 2017 August 2, 2018 Claire Aleman

One aspect of becoming a Forex trader that is going to appeal to a great number of people will be the bonuses that you can claim when you either sign up to a Broker for the very first time or when you make use of some of their ongoing bonus offers too.

There will be risk free or even cash back bonuses being offered to you at some Brokers and there are also going to be some bonuses and offers that are known as deposit match bonuses and they are often going to be the ones that will allow you to lock in the most trading value.

As the name of such offers do suggest, you are first required to make a deposit into your Forex trading account and then by doing so the Broker will then add into your account a certain number of bonus credits.

There are a few things that you need to work out in regards to discovering if a deposit match Forex Broker bonus is going to be worth claiming and the first thing is the actual percentage of your deposit that will be matched.

Any bonus worth 100% or higher of your deposit that will be matched is a good one to make use of but only if you are not then forced to have to place a very high volume of trades with those bonus trading funds before they are turned into real money credits in your account!

No Risk Trader Promotional Offers

As soon as you do become a regular Forex trader at most if not all Forex Brokers you are then going to start to qualify for a range of ongoing promotional offers, and some of those offer can allow you to lock in tremendous trading value.

Some of the bonuses and promotions could be no risk trading deals, on which you first have to place a trade with your own trading funds and if that trade is not a winning one you will then get your funds back on that losing trade.

However, be aware that if you are offered such a no risk trading offer then the way in which you will be given back your trading funds is often in the form of bonus credits in your trading account.

Those bonus funds will need to be used a certain number of times before they get turned into real money credits in your account, and as such always do double check to see what volume of trades you have to place with those bonus credits before they are turned into real money credits, to determine if the no risk deal is a high valued one or not.

Multiple Currency Options

You are not going to experience any problems when you make use of the trading platforms at any legal and licensed Forex Brokers that cater for US traders, and some of them are very advanced yet very easy to use and configure.

However, one thing I would advise you to double check, and that is the range of different trading opportunities that will become available to you when you sign up to any US facing Forex Brokers site.

The reason for me saying that is that some of them will have highly advanced trading platforms on which you are going to find lots of additional extras, and whilst you may be simply looking to place a standard currency pairings types of trades if you are looking for some much more exotic trades, some sites do offer a very wide and impressive range of them.

Also keep in mind, that when you make use of a mobile Forex trading platform, you are not going to find you have to make any comprises in regards to the number and types of trading opportunities that will become available to you.

Most if not all licensed US Forex Brokers offer a mobile trading app that will offer you just as many trading opportunities as their online trading platform, so do keep that in mind, as you will always want to have available to you the exact type of trading opportunities no matter whether you use an online trading platform or if you choose to download and use a mobile trading app instead.

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