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Increased Number of People Trading on the Value of Bitcoin

December 31, 2017 August 2, 2018 Danielle Green

Whilst you may be under the impression that the only currencies you can trade against each other at a Forex Brokers are fiat ones, it is worth pointing out that you are also going to be able to pair Bitcoin up with other currencies too.

In fact, with the value of Bitcoin being at an all time high, and with the occasionally drop in its value and its sheer volatility more and more people are now choosing to use a Forex Brokers to trade it against other currencies, as it negates them having to buy and then sell Bitcoin physically to lock in any potential profits.

If you are interested in trading on the value of Bitcoin then do ensure that the Broker you choose to use does have it on their trading platforms, for not all of them do so, but having said that you should find quite a number of Brokers that do, so you should have should not major difficulties finding several that do.

Just be make sure that you are aware of the risks and the volatility of Bitcoin, for unlike most other currencies, both digital ones and fiat ones, it can be described currently as the most volatile of all digital currencies, and its value can and does bounce all over the place!

New Bitcoin Trader Offers

One way that most legal Forex Brokers are going to entice you into become a member of their trading sites is by the use of a welcome sign up offer, and there can be a lot of different sign up offers that you will be able to make use of at such sites.

As such it is always going to be worth your time and effort looking through the rules and any additional terms and conditions that may be attached to a sign up offer, for by reading them through you can determine for yourself if those offers are giving you any additional trading value or not.

The most readily available type of Forex Broker sites new customer sign up welcome offer is something known as a matched deposit, meaning that when you sign up and open a new account at a Forex Brokers you and then make your initial deposit into your account, you will then have that deposited match, up to a certain amount and by a certain percentage with bonus trading credits.

You will need to place trades with those bonus credits as you would do with your own real money trading funds, however once you have turned over those bonus funds a certain number of times they and any profit you have made trading Forex with them will then be added to your account as cash credits.

So do always compare the bonus offers you will have access to as they can and will different from most if not all Forex Brokers, and some of them are rather generous to say the least!

Using a Bitcoin Wallet to Store Your Trading Funds

You may be interested in finding a solution that is going to allow you to keep all of your trading funds in one easy to access account, but also one that is going to allow you to both make deposits into a Forex Brokers trading account and also to receive your withdrawals from such a trading account too.

If you have been wondering which type of account would be the ideal solution then consider opening up a Bitcoin or any other digital currency wallet, as by doing so you will then be able to use that wallet to store your trading funds, in Bitcoin and can then make deposits and withdrawals to and from many different Forex Brokers very easily.

There is also the added benefit that as someone who does have a Bitcoin holding in your digital wallet, if the value of Bitcoin does right then your holding will be worth more.

In fact you could use your Forex trading account to hedge the value of your Bitcoin holdings and as such if the value increases so does your holdings but if the value of Bitcoin decreases your hedged trades will cover any potential losses you would have made in your Bitcoin wallet holdings.

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