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Funds Leaving Iran Causing Volatility in Bitcoin Trading Markets

August 6, 2018 August 6, 2018 Jessica Wilson

If there is of course one trading environment that always sees a lot of volatility it is the Bitcoin environment, and with the daily ups and downs of that environment it doesn’t take a lot to rattle traders, and they can suffer huge losses in a matter of minutes, or conversely their holdings could sky rocket on value.

However with the trade sanctions about to bite very hard in places such as Iran, and with Donald Trump ranting on Twitter about Iran too, there are lots of people in that part of the world who are needing a way of moving their money away from the Iranian banking systems which is currently under great stress.

It is also the Iranian government that are looking at ways to store their financial assets in a way that never will see those funds being at risk of seizure, and the only way they can do so with certainty is by buying Bitcoin.

It is true to say that a lot of the volatility on the cryptocurrency trading environment is down to people in the Middle East moving their funds around, and when one of them decides to cash in their assets and turn huge volumes of Bitcoin into cold hard cash, that is what often causes the markets to drop.

Regulators Know What’s Going On

Due to the completely unregulated Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading environments, there is no real way for any single Governments financial regulators to in any way shape or form regulated any cryptocurrency, and that is what is so attractive to countries such as Iran.

It isn’t difficult to buy Bitcoin or any amount, and storing it on the blockchain is far less risky than storing those funds in the international banking system where it can be and often is seized rapidly.

Be Aware of the Risk Associated with Trading Cryptocurrencies

As long as you are fully aware with the daily fluctuations regarding the value of Bitcoin then it is an interesting trading environment as there is money to be made no matter whether you pair it up with another cryptocurrency or a fiat currency.

The risks are always going to be there, but with risk can often come reward, and if you are prepared to trade with Bitcoin on one have of a trade then there are plenty of opportunities for you to of just that.

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