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EU Market Data Statements for the 21st of August 2018

August 21, 2018 August 21, 2018 David Nugent

There are going to be the usual array of different market data statements being released today in the UK, the US and over Europe too, and as someone who does have a keen interest in Forex trading you should ensure you have a good idea of when that data is going to be released.

It has been and always will be the case that if the facts and figures released in reports such as the ZEW Economic Sentiment are not as predicted the value of the Euro could drop in value.

In fact the German ZEW Economic Sentiment that is also going to be announced at 10:00AM this morning at the same time as the above data could also be the trigger for some quite volatile movements on the money markets in regards to the value of the Euro.

However, you so have to look at the much bigger picture, for many of the predictions by industry experts are usually spot on, especially with both EU and UK market data reports and the such like, and as such the money markets and traders will have already placed trades on which way they think any currencies will swing today and the Forex markets are usually already prepared for those swings too.

EU Consumer Confidence

If there are going to be any swings regarding the value of the Euro today, it will be not long after 15:00 which is when the EU Consumer Confidence data will be released, and that is certainly going to make for some interesting reading.

As to whether confidence is high or low well that does of course remain to be seen, however being as we are in the summer months those figures could be good ones or bad ones, there is no real way of telling until the data is released of course.

Company Events

As for companies that are planning on releasing statements regarding how those companies are doing, you can expect statements from both Persimmon PLC [PSN] along with John Wood Group PLC [WG.] during the course of the day.

There is also planned to be the final result report from BHP Billiton PLC [BLT] later today too, and as such if you are a binary option trader who is placing on placing some stocks and shares related trades today, those are some companies to keep your eyes on for sure!

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