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Bitcoin, Litecoin and IOTA Have Weathered the Week Well

August 27, 2018 August 27, 2018 David Nugent

It should always be the case that cryptocurrency investors take a good look at their holdings if not on a day to day basis certainly on a week to week one, and with that in mind I want to take a look today at just how volatile the cryptocurrency trading markets have been over the last 7 day.

Surprisingly only three cryptocurrencies have managed to weather the week well, and they were Bitcoin, Litecoin and IOTA, for unlike the other top 10 digital currencies, those three have shown an increase in value over the last seven days, instead of a drop in value.

As for how much, well Bitcoin has shown a very impressive 3.21% jump in value over the last week, and investors and traders of Litecoin may be smiling as that digital currency’s value has increase by some 1.16% over the last week.

However, it is IOTA that has certainly seen some very impressive gains in value over the last seven days for it is the tenth largest cryptocurrency by market value and its value has increase steadily this past week and over the last seven days in total it has gained a whopping 9.87%, and who knows that is an upward trend that could continue for quite some time to come too.

Ethereum and Cardano on a Downward Trend

Where there are winners there are inevitably losers, and that is the case with the other seven biggest cryptocurrencies, especially over the last seven days.

Two of them did perform very poorly last week and they include Ethereum that is looking likely to continue its downward trend possibly well into this coming week, and its value dropped by some 7.38% over the last seven days, and Cardano was also a big loser too regarding its value having dropped by value of some 7.41%

The Cryptocurrency Trading Week Ahead

There is of course no telling where the values of any of the most popular and most used cryptocurrencies will move this coming week, as their respective values will be as volatile as ever.

Just so you know XRP showed a loss in value over the last seen days of some 4.65%, Bitcoin Cash suffered a similar fate having seen its value plummet by some 6.28% and also EOS and Stellar dropped in value last week by 1.23% and 4.88%                respectively.

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