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Bitcoin Futures Declining in Popularity

August 28, 2018 August 28, 2018 Michael Wright

There was a time and not that long ago, when the money markets and traders alike couldn’t get enough of Bitcoin. Its value appears to be on the rise and all manner of different trading opportunities did become available to anybody who wanted to include that digital currency in their portfolio of daily or weekly trades.

In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that Bitcoin Futures became available to traders too, which at the time was quite an innovative move, however sadly the number of Bitcoin Futures being placed are falling in number, and they are no longer as appealing to traders as they once were.

There are many reasons of course why any fiat or digital currency is going to be hugely popular one minute and then in the blink of an eye they no longer become a popular trading opportunity.

As for Bitcoin, well its value has always been all over the place, and currently there is something of a bearish market for that cryptocurrency and until such a time that its value begins to noticeably increase the demand for Forex pairing trades and futures to be placed by traders at large will be in decline, as there are plenty of other digital currencies for traders to place their trades on.

Digital Currency Market Saturation

One thing that is also affecting the actual popularity of Bitcoin related trades is the simple fact that there are now a huge range of additional digital currencies for traders to pick and choose from.

In fact, most days of the week a new cryptocurrency if not several of them appear and go live, which means traders are much more likely to want to take their chances on investing in one of the new ones that are much more likely to bear fruits for their investments than Bitcoin.

More Cryptocurrency Trading Opportunities

As the number of cryptocurrencies has grown, as too have the range and number of different trading opportunities for traders with an interest in investing in digital currencies.

Therefore, with more choice, traders are always going to be turning their attention to the coins and tokens that are much more likely to appeal to them personally and the ones that do offer the best trading opportunities, which appears to have the knock on effect of making Bitcoin is not as popular as it once was.

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