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Commodity Traders Doing Well Due to Market Volatility

August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018 Jay Castillo

Part and parcel of you being a successful trader is being prepared to place trades on all manner of different markets. Some people tend to specialize and concentrate their trading efforts on the Forex markets, whilst some much prefer trading on the value of stocks and shares, and some will have a very keen interest in the commodity trading markets too.

It is that latter trading environment I want to take a look at today, for many traders are often a little wary of venturing into trading on commodity values, for at times that market place can be extremely volatile, and there are lots of reasons why any one single commodity could crash in value or conversely massive increase in price.

It is however the volatility of the commodity trading market place that does make it an ideal one, for thanks to the advent of Binary Options trading, you can place a simply yes or no type trade on any community and try and predict whether its value will rise over any given time period or whether it won’t rise but will fall.

One popular commodity from a trading point of view is Brent Crude Oil at the time of compiling this guide is value was $71.39 per barrel which showed a slight drop in value of some -0.06, which may be a trend that continues well into the day.

Natural Gas Increase in Value Unexpectedly

One thing that many Binary Option traders are aware of, and that is during the summer months the demand for Natural Gas is going to fall, as the hot weather does of course mean people will not be using it and as such the price of that commodity is often low and rarely moves in value dramatically.

However, with the unit cost being $2.92 currently it has gained in value quite unexpectedly by some 0.34%, but many Binary Option traders will be expecting that price to drop down again as there is nowhere near the demand currently for gas as there will be during the autumn and winters months, which is when the price will probably increase again quite noticeably by the way!

Gold, Silver and Copper

The Gold, Silver and Copper trading environments can be quite volatile at the best of times, however to be fair they are not that exceptional at the moment, which the value of 100oz Gold being $1,176.20, a 5000oz bar of Silver being $16.90 and Copper is trading at $2.61.

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