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There has never been a better time to be a Forex trader than right now, for it has never been easier to trade any to currencies values against each other and there are of course many ways you can do just that.

It was the way in which the Forex trading industry and environment as been evolving over the years that was the main reason for the launch of the Legal Trading Report website.

As such if Forex trading is something you have a very keen interest in or you are currently considering becoming a Forex trader then I am more than confident that you will enjoy looking around this website and reading the trading guides and articles, and being kept up to date with the latest daily Forex news stories too.

One aspect of becoming a profitable Forex trader though is that you will need to fully understand the very real risks attached to ever possible type of currency trade you can perform, for some of them are extremely high risk yet some trades can be relatively low risk ones too.

That is something that you are always going to find guides an articles about throughout the Legal Trading Report website, and as such if you are currently a Forex trader looking to increase your knowledge of the trading industry and the many different trading environments or are about to set forth and start placing your very first Forex trades you should spend as much time as you require making use of our guides and articles.

Our in-house team are also the very first to report any new legislative changes and any new laws that could affect you as a trader, or could affect the way Forex Brokers can work and operate so make sure you always check back each day to have access to the very latest trading news stories.

Even though Forex trading is a relatively new thing you can do online, many people have found they do possess the skills necessary to lock in plenty of financial gains from the trades they place, however every single successful Forex trader will have their own unique strategies they put into place when trading.

You will find details of a range of different trading strategies too as you take a look around this website, but as long as you do fully understand the risks associated with trading currencies of any type and can allocate and stick to your own trading budget, there is a chance you too can make continued profits.

We also take a look at some of the new Forex trading opportunities and they do of course include some of the many different digital currencies and cryptocurrencies which have taken the money and finance markets by storm recently, please do enjoy your visit to the Legal Trading Report website and we hope to see you again.

Our Team

David Nugent

Hi, my name is David and I am the chief editor of, I am proud to bring you all latest legal matters concerning the trading industry be it forex or binary even the hot new kid on the block Crypto..

Jessica Wilson

Jessica WilsonContributor

Jessica Wilson mans our news desk and as soon as she gets win of any breaking Forex and currency trading news stories she will be reporting on them to you.

Christopher Andrews

Christopher Andrews is our in-house legal expert on all laws and regulations surrounding Forex Brokers, and trading currencies in general and with that in mind if you do want to be kept fully up to date will all laws and regulations surrounding the currency trading environment he is worth following.

Jay Castillo

Jay Castillo is tasked with bringing our website visitors a range of guides that can and often do help them improve their trading strategy, and with that in mind do make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any of his trading guides as you are bound to find them of great interest.

Michael Wright

Michael Wright is based in the USA however he does travel around quite a lot, but if you are someone based in the US who has been experiencing problems trading currencies online for whatever reason then he is one of our reporters to follow.

Craig Anthony

Craig AnthonyContributor

Craig Anthony has been trading Forex for many years now online and therefore is in one of the best positions possible to alert our readers of any potential problems they could experience and also enlighten readers on any additional innovations that will make their trading experience much easier.

Barbara Cohen

Barbara Cohen is a trader at heart and in her regularly news stories and articles she will be giving you an insight into the ups and downs all traders can and will experience, so please do read them through as you are bond to find them interesting!

Amanda Rothman

Amanda Rothman is an expert on the terms and conditions that are associated with Forex Broker bonuses and promotional offers and will be alerting you to any unusual or unfair bonus and promotional rules that she may come across.

Claire Aleman

Claire Aleman likes to carefully study and then report on the plethora of different trading opportunities that are available to traders across the globe, so if you do ever get confused with the many new and unique types of trades you can place at Forex Broker sites then do make use of her guides and articles.

James Anderson

James Anderson is tasked with testing out and then reviewing all new Forex Broking sites and apps that go live and launch, and as such do keep your eyes on his regular reviews and updates if you are looking or somewhere new to trade currencies online.

Danielle Green

Danielle GreenContributor

Danielle Green is our roving reporter and as soon as there are any Forex related conventions she packs her backs and head to them, so plenty of up to the minute news stories are what she will be supplying to you regularly on our website.